a journey to feeling your best


a journey to feeling your best


Improving movement awareness, women’s health and well-being.


Yvette Fawzi Feldenkrais® and Physical Therapy is a private practice that focuses on improving movement awareness, women’s health and overall well being. Yvette has practiced physical therapy since 1993 and Feldenkrais® since 2005.

Yvette follows a holistic approach to the body using a blend of Feldenkrais®, physical therapy and osteopathic techniques such as strain counterstrain, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. Combined with an intuitive sense, her skilled hands are then able to “listen to the body” and treat each person based on their needs.  

An ideal therapist for any chronic pain or movement problem, Yvette particularly enjoys working with postpartum women and issues around pelvic pain and dysfunction. The goal is restoring these women to a state of general wellness. She has helped many clients in their journey to feeling their best. 




General Treatments

Treatments last 60 minutes. Your first treatment will include a physical therapy assessment followed by recommendations for a treatment plan that suits your particular case. Treatments are a blend of several techniques and address the whole body as it relates to the “problem” or pain site. 

Treatment follows three core goals:

  • Striving for optimal movement
  • Minimizing stress throughout the body
  • Creating better access to the skeleton for support

Group Classes

Group classes, also known as Awareness through Movement® classes, based in the Feldenkrais® method. In this setting you lie on a mat and are guided through explorative movements—the result is often more ease of movement, greater ROM and/or feeling more grounded on standing. Classes are offered once a week. For more information, click here.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

For Pelvic floor evaluations an internal pelvic floor muscle evaluation is performed. This is dependent on the comfort level of the client. A 15 minute free phone consult is offered to assess if this is right for you.



About Yvette

About Yvette

Hello, I’m Yvette.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of San Francisco and completed my graduate degree in Physical Therapy at UCSF, in 1993.

I sustained several back injuries during my first few years as an inpatient therapist and traditional Physical Therapy didn't really give me any long term relief. It was then that I turned to Feldenkrais®. In a short period I was able to get strong again – and was pain free! I was so fascinated by how it had worked for me that I went through a four year training program to become a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner. I graduated in 2005.

The Feldenkrais Method® really changed my approach to treatment. I now look at the whole person/body, not staying only focused at the pain site. It taught me to look and listen to the body in order to obtain improved, integrated movement. 


In the same spirit, I also gravitated towards osteopathic approaches in my continued education: strain counterstrain, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. All of which look for the source of the problem, versus just treating the pain site.

In 2006, I began working at a pelvic pain center in San Francisco. I started focusing my education in pelvic floor dysfunction and have found an affinity for it. Learning to work with the pelvic floor was finding another piece of the puzzle. I feel like I became a more effective therapist even for those without symptoms of pelvic dysfunction. 

I love working with clients and have been successful with this integrated approach. The body tells a story and I love to listen and let the story unfold.

I hope I can make a difference for you.




See what clients are saying. . . 

I have Fibromyalgia and have seen many physical therapists, chiropractors, and body workers over the 23 year course of my journey to get out of pain. Yvette is hands down the best physical therapist I know. I have a difficult illness to treat that requires sensitivity and skill. Yvette integrates multiple techniques into an intuitive, practical, and thorough approach that is gentle, effective, and pain relieving - not painful. She showed me how to help myself manage pain, and while helping me through the very worst of my illness, and the awkwardness of some of the symptoms, she became a trusted confidant and friend. I am indebted to her, hold her in the highest personal regard, and highly recommend her.
— Stefanie K
As colleagues, Yvette and I have collaborated to help many clients. Yvette has also treated me for chronic pain. She is incredibly skilled and has excellent intuition and instincts as a body worker. She is a thoughtful and creative problem solver who is always learning and challenging herself, and will brainstorm with me whenever we feel stuck with a client’s care. Every person I have referred to her has felt safe and respected, and has received excellent education to become self-sufficient. I give her my highest recommendation. 
— Heather Howard, PhD, MPH Sexologist & Mind-Body Health Facilitator
It’s not easy to find a physical therapist with Yvette’s intuitive gift for ‘reading the body’. Her holistic, problem-solving, hands-on approach means you can go deeper into understanding your own body. I’ve learned so much and am mostly pain free these days.
— Heather W.
I highly recommend Yvette to treat any kind of injury. I had seen five chiropractors, two physical therapists, one Bowen Method practitioner, an orthopedic surgeon, x-rays, etc. and spent a lot of money. Nothing worked like Yvette. What she does is like magic — it works. When I went to see her, I’d been in pain for over a year — and neither chiropractic nor physical therapy could touch it. The pain started from a workout injury but as it wasn’t really fixed from other modality, the pain became more intense and moved to the hip and began to shoot down my leg. Two of my toes were numb. In one session, the Feldenkrais method reduced my pain by 50%. After four sessions my pain was mostly gone. I did four more, and the pain was reduced to almost nothing. Yvette is deeply passionate about healing the body. She’s extremely knowledgeable about many modalities: including osteopathic touch, physical therapy, etc. She has a very lovely bedside manner, and a kind demeanor. I am so grateful to have found her.
— Jennifer D